Noumenon | nou•me•non a thing being perceived



This is not a wiki, but rather snapshots of what's happened because a month is a long time between sessions lmao

Will be updated sparingly


Player resources

Quick reference

Page of useful conditions, what you can do in battle etc.

5th Edition System Reference Document and D&D Beyond classes.

General Player information such as classes, level up etc. Beyond is a prettier version - you can use either.

Multiclassing Requirements

Multiclassing information.

Spell list *complete*

Official spells from all the materials. Go here for spells.

Class specific links

Druid Creatures by CR

For shapeshifting.

Warlock Invocations list

Includes all the invocations from official material.



Characters - each to their respective player

Picrew images: 1 2

Food image (on my DM page lol) - Little Dragon's Café

W3schools is a godsend

Mastheads: Dragon's Dogma Online

Stuff by me


Background (stars)

Lore, campaign etc...